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Super Bright - OPAL ( Laundry Chemical )
Super Bright - Opal
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Super Bright - Opal:
A special selective composition of inorganic & organic substance known as builder's which enhances the quality of washing procedure. It contain's alkaline media along with catalyst which helps to loosen the stubborn dirt and stains like oil, grease and oxidised oil stains. Super Bright - Opal has no adverse effect on the fabrics due to over dose and it will not affect the fluidity of the fabric.


  • Prevents the fabric from damage and yellowing and greying

  • Properly activates the detergent for dirt removal

  • Easily soluble in hard/soft water.

Dosage of Super Bright - Opal per 50 Kg. dry fry fabric load is 250 gram i.e. for light soil fabric's as bedsheets, towels. But for medium soil fabric 350 grams Super Bright - Opal is recommended, like pillow cover etc. and for heavily soiled fabrics 550 grams is recommended i.e. for Engineering Uniforms, Cook Coats, Restaurants Napkins, Kitchen Dusters, Restaurants Table Linens etc.

How to use:
Incorporate Super Bright - Opal with Super Bright - HD - 40 and Super Bright - Winter and run the machine for aleast 30 minutes for light soiled fabric and 45 minutes for heavily soiled fabric at the temperature of 70C to 80C.

Store in a dry place and close bag properly after the use.

25 Kg. H.D.P.E. bag.

Also available Super Bright - FC / Fabric Softner etc.

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