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Super Bright - Sour ( Laundry Chemical )
Super Bright - Sour
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Super Bright - Sour:
It is a fine blend of Special Chemicals which helps to neutralise alkalinity and bleach from the cloth. Normally, on repeat washing and after the cloth is dried & pressed, a yellow or pale look is observed. This is due to the residue of alkaly which remains in the fabric, every time it is washed. But on using Super Bright - Sour in last rinse, this problem can be effectively sorted out. And it prevents cloth from possible damage.

How To Use:
Add Super Bright Sour, to the final rinse of the wash. For obtaining best results add only 2-3 gms per of dry load.


  • Prevents yellowing and possible damage to fabrics.

  • Easily soluble, in water.

Store in a dry place and close bag properly after use.

25 Kg H.D.P.E. plastic lining bag.

Also available Super Bright - FC / Fabric Softner etc.

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