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Super Bright - HD - 40 ( Laundry Detergent )
Super Bright - HD-40
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It is ideal for Cook - Coats, Kitchen Cloth, Uniforms, Pillow Covers etc. Super Bright - HD - 40 when incorporated with Super Bright - Whitener, specially developed for both white and coloured clothes, gives excellent results.


  • Removes stubborn stains of Kitchen, Engineering Uniforms
    oil, grease, dirt particles, and brightens the fabric

  • Low Sudsing; thus reduces water consumption too.

  • Anti redepositing agent helps to keep cloth cleans from
    dirt and maintains fabric completely bright.

  • Soluble in cold water.

  • It works even in hard water.

Super Bright - Housekeeping Department - 40,
is for both coloured as well as white fabrics. Minimum dose recommended is 5gm. by weight of dry load of cloth i.e. in 100 pound machine add only 250 gram however in case of heavily soiled and greased cloth add 500 gms. For extra whitness or brightness incorporate Super Bright - Whitener upto 300 gms in main wash while maintaining temperature upto 70-75C. This addition is for extra whitness, and will also help to reduce the consumption of Soda Ash.

Store in dry place and close the bag properly after use.

Super Bright - HD - 40,
is packed in 25 Kg H.D.P.E. bags.

Also available other range of Super Bright Detergents.

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