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Super Bright - HD - ULTRA ( Laundry Detergent)
Super Bright HD Ultra
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Synthetic detergent for mechanised laundry is a Premium Grade detergent. It is a blend of speciality surfactants with anti redeposition properties. The product is specially formulated with optimum level of wetting and sequestering properties in order to imparts excellent cleaning. Besides it is an eco-friendly product.


  • Super Bright - HD ULTRA Export quality professionally formulated product under ASTM standards.

  • Blend of non-ionic active detergents to remove fatty oils and grease effectively.

  • A unique mix which is Bio-Degradable.

  • Contains polymers to keep the removed soil in suspension, giving anti - static properties.

  • Provide Micro-shine to fabric.

How to use:
Recommended for all type of fabrics. The dosage will vary between 5-10gms per Kg. dry load or 250-500gms per 50Kg dry load depending upon the soil, fabric & temperature maintained.

25 Kg HDPE Bags with polyethylene lining bag.

Store in a cool-dry place. Close bag properly after use. Use individual dispersing unit for each product.

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